Lake Youngs PTSA Committees Overview



Art Docent Program: 

PTSA volunteers commit to teach an art lesson and lead the kids in an art project once a month or on a schedule worked out between the volunteer and classroom teacher.  Ideally there is an art docent for each classroom.  Supplies are provided by the PTSA.   You don't need to be a great artist to be an art docent!  At the end of the school year, the kids art is displayed at the Art Walk.

(Chairs: Yvette Ramirez, Volunteers needed: 1-2 per classroom, Time commitment: varies)


The primary job responsibility for the committee co-chairs includes the planning and implementation of the auction.  Committee members will assist with class projects, advertising, procurement of donations, set-up and working the event.  Volunteers may work with individual classes on their class project/basket for the silent auction.  Committee meetings are required to organize the auction.  

(Chairs:  , Volunteers needed: 20+, Time Commitment: Varies)

Book Fair:

Lake Youngs partners with Scholastic Books to hold 2 3 fairs a year, delivering a book store directly to the school, selling to students and their families. As a benefit, Lake Youngs PTSA receives 50% credit of fair sales in the form of Scholastic Dollars. Scholastic dollars help purchase books for the LY Library & classrooms as well as PTSA prizes and events. The Chairperson(s) is responsible for planning advertising and holding the fair(s) as well as coordinating volunteers and submitting financial reports. Volunteers are responsible for helping set up and tear down the fair, as well as working sales shifts during school hours and events. Volunteers may help out as little or as much as they choose.

(Chair: Tammy Chau, Volunteers 20-30, time commitment: 3 6 hours/fair). 

Box Tops, E-Scrips: 

Committee will coordinate Box Top collection drives and submitting Box Tops for redemption.  Committee will manage relations with e-scrip offers, an innovative way for our  community to help earn money for our school.  They will help raise awareness and educate the LY community in getting registered to take advantage of offers that help bring rewards to our PTSA all year long.

(Chair: Samantha Byrd, Volunteers Needed: 3-4, Time Commitment: Varies)

Clothing Bank:

The Kent Area Council operates the clothing bank out of the Phoenix Academy. The committee members are expected to sort clothing and work at the clothing bank during an assigned week. The committee may also hold clothing drives to benefit the clothing bank.

(Chairs: , Volunteers needed: 5+, Time commitment: 5:30-8PM one evening during the school year)

Drama Club:

Lake Youngs PTSA offers a Drama Club provided by Heavier than Air productions, from Green River Community College. The rehearsals and production will be handled by the Heavier than Air staff. Committee members will need to available to organize auditions, help with costumes, assist with dress rehearsal and performance and plan cast party.

(Chairs:  , Volunteers needed: 5-10, Time Commitment: Varies)

Emergency Preparedness:

The committee is responsible for collecting/distributing the Emergency Preparedness Kits to the classrooms and checking each child's name off of the list, verifying that each teacher has an emergency bag with a working flashlight and supplies. Volunteers may collaborate with school administration to work on our schools disaster plan. 

(Chair:  , Volunteers needed: 4+, Time Commitment: 2 hrs. mo. (Sept Nov))

Fall Fundraiser:

Cookie Dough sales are our main fundraiser.  Typically sales are in October and delivery of cookie dough happens just before Thanksgiving.  Volunteers are needed to help plan and advertise the cookie dough sales and to assist with collecting orders and then distributing product on the date of delivery.  

(Chairs: Si-Chi Hefel , Volunteers Needed: 12, Time Commitment: Varies)

Family Fun Night: 

Family Fun Nights are fun-filled evenings provided by our PTSA to the children of Lake Youngs and their families. Family
Fun Nights can be anything you imagine: a dance, a Halloween party the sky is the limit!  Typically 1-3 events per year.  

(Chair: Dominic Jean, Volunteers needed: 10+, Time commitment: varies)

Family Reading Night:

Family Reading Night is a celebration of Read Across America. We provide authors, readers, illustrators, music and snacks to inspire and instill a love of reading in our students. Its usually held on March 2nd (Dr. Seusss birthday)

(Chair: , Volunteers needed: 5-10, Time Commitment: Varies)

Financial Document Review Committee:

Comprised of 3 PTSA members in good standing whose purpose is to review the financial records of the Lake Youngs PTSA. (Volunteers needed: 3, Time commitment: 2 times per year (February & July)

Grizzly Reader Club:

Encourages and rewards student and staff reading efforts. Chair duties include printing and distributing Grizzly Reader Club material, collecting student time sheets, documenting time sheets, giving out student reading certificates and rewards weekly during student lunch times, and assistance with the Grizzly Reader party at the completion of the program

(Chairs: Tori Clifford, Volunteers Needed: 3+, Time Commitment: Varies)

Health and Welfare:

Health and Welfare Committee exists to support the health and welfare of all children in our school community. 

(Chair: Allyson Johnson,  Time commitment: 1-6 hours per month)

The Hospitality Committee:

Provides beverages and snacks for select events throughout the year including: Welcome Back event in September, breakfast and lunch for the Science Fair judges in March, Hi-Cap Orientation, and Kindergarten Round-up. Committee members will be asked to join in providing menu items and work the events.

(Chair: , Volunteers needed: 4, Time commitment: 1-4 hrs. per month)

Ice Cream Social:  

Lake Youngs Ice Cream Socials take place during the Fall (November) and the Spring (March) and are held in conjunction with the PTSA  General Membership meetings.  Committee members help with set-up, clean-up and serve ice cream and toppings.  Alternately, committee may choose to serve Italian Sodas.  

(Chair: Executive Board, Volunteers needed: 12-20, Time Commitment: varies)


The legislative chairs responsibilities are to develop an effective advocacy team that communicates the PTSAs perspective on legislation and related issues to elected officials on the school board, in the State Legislature and in the United States Congress as well as keeping the general membership informed of legislative issues and developments. The Legislative Committee Chair requires as little as two hours per month one hour attending the monthly board meeting and one hour staying informed, writing related articles for the monthly newsletter/website and making calls if necessary.

(Chair: OPEN)


Committee members may be asked to assist with the following: communication to parents and community through flyers and newsletter articles, assembling and distributing membership packets, managing the membership bulletin board in the front lobby, supplying a current membership roster for the general meetings and entering new members into the State PTA database. Time commitment for committee members varies. Time commitment can be a few hours to several hoursFlexible days and times. Most time requirements are from late August to November. The only daytime requirement is to create the deposit slips, so this committee works best with at least one member who has some daytime availability. Everything else can be accomplished during day or evening hours.

(Chair: )


This committee requires volunteers to help identify candidates for next years PTSA Executive Board, which consists of Co-President, Co-Vice Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer and Cashier.  

(Volunteers Needed: 3, Time Commitment: March)    


A national arts recognition and achievement program which provides students with the opportunity to create and be recognized for their original works of art based on a pre-selected theme. Volunteer duties will include printing and sorting Reflections Program materials, collecting and documenting submitted art projects, displaying submitted artwork on selected school bulletin boards and display cases, planning and help during Reflections Awards Presentation.

(Chair: Jessica Kessler, Volunteers needed: 2-6, Time Commitment: 2-5 hrs. per month September December)

Science Fair:

The primary job responsibilities involve the planning and implementation of the Science Fair held annually at Lake Youngs. The planning centers on delegating a list of tasks with the committee volunteers. Two or three committee members are required to organize tasks in addition to informal meetings among the chair(s). The chair(s) also purchase ribbons and display boards along with other minor budgetary items, organize parent/information nights at the school, sell the fair to students through classroom visits, work with the teachers and the principal to coordinate place and time and distribute advertisements in the Grizzly Flyers and PTSA newsletter. During the days leading up to the fair, projects are checked in, cataloged and made available for classroom viewing. On the day of the fair, judges are welcomed and supported by the chairs, judging points are tallied, certificates and ribbons placed and projects readied for the parent open house.
As a chair(s), the Science Fair really is a rewarding experience. Seeing the wonderful projects and enthusiasm by the children makes all the work worthwhile. If you choose to volunteer for this committee, your tasks can vary from working on the advertisements, assisting with the 3 help sessions, selling display boards and helping to check in projects on the days leading up to the fair. Since the tasks are quite organized, a volunteer can pick and choose a level of work that would fit with their schedule. Committee meetings are also fun and a great way to meet other parents from Lake Youngs!

(Chair: , Volunteers needed: 8, Time commitment: 3-6 hrs. per month (January-March))

Sixth Grade Party:

Volunteers for the Sixth Grade Party will be asked to participate in planning meetings to create the theme, decorations, activities and menu as well as make phone calls to solicit donations for the event. Use your right brain to help create and install the decorations and props appropriate for the selected theme of the year, create and or provide food and refreshments as well as supervise the event itself. Other duties may include the creation of a memory book, DVD, t-shirts, etc. all while keeping within the allotted budged.

(Chairs: , Volunteers needed: 15-20, Time commitment: varies)

Spirit Wear:

Responsible for providing Lake Youngs Grizzlies apparel for purchase by Lake Youngs Elementary students and their families. Committee responsibilities include product design and selection, order tabulation, delivery to students.

(Chair: Jennifer Patterson, Volunteers Needed: 6+, Time Commitment: Varies,)

Spring Fundraiser: 

Our Spring Fundraiser will be determined this Fall. Volunteers are needed to help advertise and collect order forms, and then to distribute the products.  

(Chair: Si-Chi Hefel, Volunteers Needed: 6+, Time Commitment: Varies)

Staff Appreciation:

The Staff Appreciation Committee sponsors monthly staff lunches for the Lake Youngs Staff throughout the school year. Volunteers will be asked to participate in theme planning as well as help provide food and drink for scheduled luncheons. 

(Chair: Samantha Byrd, Volunteers needed: 20+, Time Commitment: 2-4 hrs. per month)

Sunshine and Rain:

The Sunshine and Rain chair purchases gifts/cards for staff and PTSA members who are dealing with lifes ups and downs. For example if someone has a baby or is getting married we send a sunshine gift, or if someone is experiencing a hardship like an illness or death of a loved one. We also try to respond (when appropriate). We always hope for sunshine for our staff and members but also want them to know our PTSA cares when life brings rain.

(Chair: Allyson Johnson)

Talent Show:

Talent Show chairperson responsibilities include scheduling facilities, creating audition opportunities, judge selections, event promotion, coordinating volunteer help, holding rehearsal and final event details. 

(Chair: , Volunteers needed: 8+, Time Commitment: Approx. March May )

Welcome Back to School Night:

A fun evening of games and information just before the start of school. 

(CO-Chairs: PTSA board members, Volunteers needed: 10 or more, August)


The Yearbook chair is responsible for taking and gathering photos throughout the school year, the layout and ordering of the yearbooks along with the sales to students.

(Chair: , Volunteers needed: 5+, Time Commitment: varies)

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